The third day of preliminary competitions at the World Championships in Doha saw a fierce battle for the top spot in the 50m breaststroke. Nicola Martinenghi, as the top seed, set the pace with a time of 26.75. Nick Fink and Adam Peaty were side by side in lanes four and five, with Fink having a fantastic start and quickly building a lead of half a body over Peaty.

As the race progressed, it became clear that Fink was going to take home the gold medal in this event. He finished first in 26.66, just ahead of Caspar Corbo (27.11) and Piti (27.23). Ilya Szymanovich, competing as a neutral individual athlete, tied Fink’s time and led the way to the semi-finals. Sam Williamson (26.69), Martinenghi, and Peter Stevens (26.79) were next fastest in qualifying, with Peaty placing 12th.

The third day of preliminaries at the Doha World Championships marked an unpredictable and unique competition in many ways. It was not just about who would win this event but also about who would make it to the semi-finals and ultimately to the final stage of competition. Swimmers like Szymanovich and Williamson showed impressive performance during these preliminaries, highlighting how competitive this event truly was.

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