In September, Spanish prosecutors charged former Spanish Football Association head Luis Rubiales with sexual assault and coercion for an unwanted kiss on soccer player Jenny Hermoso during the World Cup trophy presentation. The incident led to calls for change in women’s football in Spain, with players boycotting the national team and drawing attention to issues of sexism and misconduct in sports. Despite denying any wrongdoing, Rubiales was forced to resign from his post.

Prosecutor Marta Durantez accused Rubiales of sexual assault and coercion for the kiss without consent, seeking a potential sentence of a year and a half in prison. She also charged Jorge Wilda, Alberto Luke and Ruben Rivera with forcing Hermos to claim the kiss was consensual, potentially facing up to 18 months in prison each. Additionally, Durantez requested a restraining order against Rubiales, preventing him from coming within 200 meters of Hermos and contacting her for the next seven and a half years.

Hermoso and her teammates claimed that the kiss was unwanted and offensive, leading to charges of sexual assault and coercion against Rubiales. The incident overshadowed the historic success of Spain’s women’s national team at the time, which won its first World Cup. Rubiales’ behavior during the trophy presentation sparked global outrage over sexism in women’s sport.

The scandal led to Rubiales’ suspension by FIFA and his subsequent resignation from both FIFA and UEFA. The incident has drawn attention to issues of sexism and misconduct in sports, highlighting the importance of respect for boundaries and consent in all aspects of the game. If convicted on these charges, all four defendants could face significant penalties including fines or imprisonment.

By Samantha Johnson

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