During a recent gathering in Barcelona, FIH President Tayyab Ikram had the opportunity to meet with three former presidents of the International Hockey Federation (FIH), including Juan Angel Calzada and Leandro Negre. The meeting was attended by several key figures in the sport, including Marcos Hoffmann, President of Eurohockey, and the Presidents of the Spanish Hockey Federation Santi Deo and Real Club de Polo Curo Espinos de Pascual.

The occasion was particularly significant as it brought together three former FIH presidents in one place at one time. At the meeting, President Ikram paid tribute to his predecessor Juan Angel Calzado, who led FIH from 1996 to 2001. Calzado was an important mentor to Ikram and their interaction was particularly meaningful as they shared memories of their time leading hockey’s world governing body.

In addition to the meaningful exchange between FIH presidents, President Ikram also had important talks with EuroHockey President Marcos Hoffmann. They discussed the development of hockey and how FIH and EuroHockey can work together to support the growth of the sport. President Ikram expressed his gratitude for the hospitality he received during his stay in Barcelona and looks forward to more cooperation and interactions in the future.

The meeting took place at the venue of the first FIH Hockey (Men’s) World Cup held in 1971, adding historical significance to the gathering. It was a special occasion that brought together leaders from different eras, all united by their love for hockey and their desire to continue its growth and development for future generations.

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