On September 19, 2023 at 12:22, Fiji’s Globe Cup rugby group showcased its musical talents in France. The group, recognized for its lively game, proved that it is not only harmonious on the field, but also in music.

Through instruction for the 2023 championships, the Fiji group took a break and gathered amongst the scattered health club gear. Standing with each other, they sang the hymn “Au sa kila ni na tuberi au”, which translates to “I know the Lord will make a way for me”. Their pride and passion was felt in each note, as they sang a song that is of terrific significance to each the group and the nation. This touching moment was shared on the team’s official Instagram channel.

In Polynesian cultures, singing is characterized by all-natural harmony, which singers frequently improvise. It embodies a sense of neighborhood and unity. In Fiji, neighborhood singing is a substantial portion of daily life. Just before leaving for the Globe Cup, an additional video shows the players singing as they tackle a difficult muddy hill with each other, hand in hand. This additional showed their sturdy bond as a group.

Just a week just after the most up-to-date video was released, Group Fiji pulled off a outstanding Globe Cup victory with a 22-15 win against rugby powerhouse Australia. It seems that the team’s musical spirit, togetherness and harmony may perhaps have played a function in their accomplishment on the field.

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