On November 21st, there were several significant stories on the business pages of the New York Times. One story highlighted Microsoft’s involvement in revitalizing OpenAI, an influential artificial intelligence start-up that developed the ChatGPT chatbot. This news led to a rise in Microsoft’s stock price. In another story, X, which was previously known as Twitter, sued Media Matters in federal court after research showed that ads on X appeared alongside anti-Semitic content.

Meanwhile, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney testified at a federal courthouse in San Francisco during their legal battle against Google. Additionally, OpenAI’s future was uncertain after over 700 employees signed a letter stating they would leave the company if former CEO Sam Altman was not reinstated. The development of the ChatGPT chatbot had caused a reversal for OpenAI and affected Microsoft’s stock price positively. Finally, X faced legal action from Media Matters over allegations that ads on their platform were displayed alongside anti-Semitic content.

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