The Finnish government has taken the position that the EU’s crisis aid should be temporary, while the European Commission suggests that a common EU financial instrument could be a solution to state aid competition. The EC on Wednesday approved a French state aid program of 900 million euros to support companies investing in biomass and renewable hydrogen for energy and fuel production. This program falls within the framework of state support for the crisis and transition period.

In response to the current economic challenges, the EU has temporarily eased its state aid rules, with crisis flexibilities valid until the end of June and transitional flexibilities until the end of 2025. The French aid program includes direct grants covering eligible investment costs to support the move towards a zero-emission economy while ensuring fair competition in the internal market.

Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta reports to the European Council on the future of the single market, which EU leaders will discuss at an emergency summit in April. The Finnish Confederation of Business and Industry has called for new competition tools for green and digital investments, suggesting a tax incentive to attract foreign investment. The EC hopes that Finland will form a position on how the EU can attract strategic investments in the future.

Flexibilities in state aid rules are extended after 2022 to support the green transition, with subsidies available for low-carbon initiatives and renewable energy. Options for new tools to attract investments include forming a financial instrument within

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