Kai Mikkanen, the Environment Minister from Finland, has expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs regarding the Nature Restoration Regulation within the European Union. The regulation aims to improve the state of nature in different habitats, with a goal of covering at least 20 percent of the EU’s land and sea areas by 2030 and all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050. This includes wetlands, marshes, meadows, waterways, forests, agricultural environments, and urban areas.

Finland had previously voted against the proposal last summer when the Council of Member States formed its position on it. However, due to additional flexibility introduced in tripartite negotiations between the Council of Member States, European Parliament, and EU Commission in November, Finland abstained from voting when the council approved the outcome of those negotiations.

In February, the European Parliament approved the outcome of those negotiations as well. It signaled that efforts would move forward in member states to implement this regulation. However, in March Hungary changed its position on supporting this regulation which put it at risk. Belgium was unable to take it to a final vote due to lack of majority support at an EU environment minister meeting where Mikkanen stated that it was an unsatisfactory situation to face such surprises at this late stage of legislative process.

Mikkanen also raised concerns about how damage prohibition is being interpreted and what level obligations are required for habitat restoration types in Finland. He expressed disappointment over these unexpected twists which are hindering progress towards implementing this regulation. As efforts continue to garner support for an ordinance change during this legislative session , uncertainty remains regarding whether or not this regulation will be fully implemented as planned within Europe’s land and sea areas by 2030 and all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050.

By Samantha Johnson

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