The Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma) has recently completed enforcement proceedings against Bankua Audi, a Geneva-based private bank owned by a Lebanese banking group. The bank was found to have breached its obligations to prevent money laundering and has been fined 3.9 million francs. In addition, the bank will be required to hold an additional capital of 19 million francs in the future.

The case is connected to the scandal surrounding the former head of the Lebanese Central Bank, Riyad Salameh, who is suspected of embezzling over $300 million in funds from the Lebanese Central Bank. Criminal proceedings against Salameh and his associates are ongoing in several countries, including Switzerland, where the Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office has been conducting a criminal investigation since 2020 on suspicion of serious money laundering.

Finma’s investigation into Bankue Audi found that the bank inadequately clarified the origin of assets for high-risk customers and failed to report suspicious transactions to the authorities. The bank also did not respond to suspicions in the press about the illegally acquired assets of individual clients. Finma stressed the importance of transparency and enforcement in the financial sector and stressed the need for effective measures to prevent money laundering.

The completion of the enforcement proceedings against Bankue Audi serves as a warning to other financial institutions about the consequences of violating laws on supervision. Finma’s actions demonstrate its commitment to upholding regulatory standards and protecting the integrity of Switzerland’s financial center. The case also highlights how important effective communication and transparency are in regulatory processes for maintaining public confidence in financial systems.

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Overall, businesses must prioritize transparency and enforce measures that prevent money laundering while maintaining effective communication with regulators to maintain public trust in financial systems.

By Samantha Johnson

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