On Monday, history was produced as the world’s initially wrestling match took spot on a Japanese bullet train. An ordinary train auto was transformed into a wrestling ring as skilled fighters from Japan engaged in intense combat in a narrow passageway. This groundbreaking occasion marked the initially time a wrestling match was held on a bullet train.

The lengthy-awaited journey took spot on the Nozomi Shinkansen train, identified for its remarkable speed, and transported the audience among Tokyo and Nagoya. Dozens of spectators eagerly watched as wrestlers Minoru Suzuki and Sanshiro Takagi battled on a speeding train, reaching speeds of up to 285 kilometers per hour. In addition, many other fighters appeared, adding excitement to the encounter. In the finish, 55-year-old Minoru Suzuki emerged victorious following an fascinating battle that lasted about 30 minutes.

To hold this distinctive occasion, DDT Pro-Wrestling, the organizer, rented an complete train auto. Demand for tickets was enormous, with all 75 out there seats sold out in just 30 minutes. Nonetheless, it is especially stated that fighters are not permitted to harm any component of the interior of the train through their matches.

Right after the electrifying occasion was more than, some of the participants took the train back to their properties, but this time without having an intense fight. The achievement of this distinctive wrestling match in the bullet train delighted quite a few, and it will surely not be forgotten quickly. Watch the video above to see the Japanese wrestlers in action on the bullet train.

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