Jeffrey Enrico Cole, the former owner of a Gaslamp Quarter restaurant, was arrested this week on suspicion of sexually assaulting two acquaintances at his downtown business last spring. The incidents occurred on May 27, 2023, at Chefs SD on F Street. The San Diego Police Department confirmed Cole’s arrest on charges of sexual assault and indecent exposure. He was booked into the county jail and is expected to be arraigned Monday.

Cole’s arrest came shortly after the grand opening of his new restaurant, Brunch After Dark (BAD), where he was not in custody. In a statement posted on his Instagram page, Cole maintained his innocence and said he was unaware of the allegations and the identity of the alleged victims. He also announced that he will temporarily suspend all ongoing business activities in San Diego until further notice.

Despite his denial of the claims, the legal process will continue as the case progresses. The investigation into the incidents is ongoing as authorities gather more information regarding the allegations against Cole. The San Diego community awaits further developments in this case as it raises safety and liability concerns for local businesses.

Jeffrey Enrico Cole’s arrest on charges of sexual assault and indecent exposure has left many in shock in San Diego’s gaslamp quarter community. Chefs SD, where the alleged incidents took place, is now facing increased scrutiny from both customers and law enforcement.

The investigation into these allegations against Cole is still ongoing with authorities seeking to uncover more information about what happened at Chefs SD on May 27th. Despite Cole’s denial of any wrongdoing, it remains to be seen how this case will unfold as it continues to raise important safety and liability concerns for local businesses.

As a journalist covering this story, I will continue to follow closely with updates from law enforcement officials as well as any other sources that come forward with new information about this developing situation in downtown San Diego’s gaslamp quarter community.

By Samantha Johnson

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