On Sunday evening, four suspects in the violent attack on the Crocus concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow appeared in court with clear signs of violence. The alleged perpetrators of one of the biggest massacres in Russia in the last quarter of a century were brought before Moscow’s Basman District Court for the first time. The attackers, who face terrorism charges and possible life in prison, will remain in custody for now.

Although there are certain links between the attackers and Ukraine, authorities have not confirmed a link between the suspects and Islamic State, the Islamist terrorist group that claimed responsibility for the attack. At least 137 people died and over 140 were injured in the attack. Most of the court sessions were held behind closed doors to protect the victims’ families.

Muhamedsobir Fajzov, who was visibly beaten and interrogated after his arrest, was brought into court looking very weakened and could not speak or open his eyes. Other suspects included Shamsidin Faridouni, Rachabalizoda Saidakrami Murodal, who pleaded guilty in court, and Daleryon Mirzoev, who was found to have suffered more injuries than initially reported.

The suspects gave details of their involvement in the attack, including being contacted by unknown persons to carry out the massacre for financial gain. They also described how they were tortured and mistreated by Russian authorities after their arrests. The leaked videos and photos circulating online have provided further evidence of this mistreatment and torture.

The authorities also cited involvement from mercenaries from a Russian group called Wagner and potential Ukrainian support in crossing the border as factors contributing to this heinous crime. This adds another layer of complexity to an already complicated investigation and legal proceedings as these individuals come from different backgrounds and have different family situations which makes it difficult to piece together their motivations for carrying out such an act of violence. The court case is ongoing as authorities continue to uncover more information about this deadly concert hall attack.

It’s worth noting that during this incident four suspects appeared before Moscow’s Basman District Court with clear signs of violence following what is considered one of Russia’s biggest massacres

By Samantha Johnson

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