French manufacturers are being urged to speed up their production of electric vehicles in order to meet the growing demand for the “social leasing” system, which allows people to get an electric car for less than €100 a month. The government is considering subsidizing 50,000 cars instead of the original 25,000, but Industry and Energy Minister Roland Lescourt has emphasized that only vehicles manufactured in France or Europe are entitled to this subsidy.

Faced with high demand, Christophe Bechu, minister for ecological transition, assured that the government is working with car manufacturers to increase the number of vehicles available. However, Lescure has noted that the system may have to wait a little bit to allow production to catch up with demand. The lease is currently reserved for French people with an income of less than 15,400 euros and who drive more than 8,000 km a year or live more than 15 km from their place of work. The lease is planned for three years and includes one renewal.

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