At New Health, a community health center affiliated with Mass General Hospital and Boston Medical Center, the goal is to go above and beyond for those in need. This holistic approach to care is evident in their recent initiative to distribute fresh fruit and vegetables directly to patients who are facing food insecurity. Every month, Novo zdravle buys bags of produce and distributes them to patients who have been notified in advance.

“This should be a holistic approach to care that really takes the individual and gives them the care and support they need,” said Dan Coakley, public affairs coordinator for New Health. On a recent day when VBZ-TV cameras visited, the New Health location in Charlestown was distributing food. “Usually we buy bananas, apples, oranges,” Coakley said. “We try to go for avocado because it’s a superfood, and we also try to look for a variety of vegetables.”

Every bag goes a long way. “Patients have told me, ‘You don’t know how much this helps people.’ There was a patient in the North End who said to me ‘I share this with people.’ So this helps 10 to 15 people every time we give them a bag of produce,” Coakley added. When the patients on the list receive the food, any leftovers go into the community’s cold storage so that anyone who needs it can get it. “Many people in our community need all this help,” said patient Carmen Tirado. “The appreciation we’re getting is overwhelming and we just want to make sure we continue to provide this resource to everyone.”

By Samantha Johnson

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