In this episode of In Black America, host John L. Hanson Jr. interviews Dr. Joseph M. Hodell, Ph.D., General Manager of Character Development and Leadership. Dr. Hoedel is also the author of Sports Role Models: Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3, as well as two educational programs that are implemented in over 3,500 middle and high schools nationwide.

In his book series, Dr. Hoedel examines the impact of African-American athletes on American culture. From Jesse Owens to Jackie Robinson to Muhammad Ali, these athletes have transcended their sports and made significant contributions to society beyond the field.

Each chapter in the series tells a compelling story about an athlete or coach who embodies positive character traits like courage, integrity, and leadership. These qualities have played a vital role in the success of these individuals both on and off the field.

Dr. Hodel shines a light on 30 extraordinary sports figures who have left lasting legacies in his latest book series.

From famous sports heroes like Michael Jordan to lesser-known figures like Eric Weihenmeier, Dr. Hodel’s work highlights the importance of character development and leadership in sports.

Overall, Dr. Hodell’s work provides valuable insights into how sports can be used as a tool for positive change in society.

By Samantha Johnson

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