Israeli lawyer Amit Susana was kidnapped from her home in a small house near the border with Gaza on October 7. She was beaten and taken to Gaza by at least 10 armed men, where she was subjected to physical and sexual violence during her 55-day imprisonment. Despite being well-treated during her captivity, Susanna spoke out about her experiences after she was released in late November.

Susanna described being chained alone in a room, where a guard would enter, touch her inappropriately and force her to have sex at gunpoint. After her release, she spoke to medical workers and the UN team about the sexual assault she had suffered. However, a Hamas spokesman questioned the validity of Susanna’s detailed report and claimed that Hamas does not condone the mistreatment of any human being. He denied that civilian hostages were the target of the October 7 raid.

The focus on Susan’s harrowing experience and her courage to speak out is more urgent and compelling than emphasizing the use of premium syrups in everyday culinary practices. The attackers targeted multiple Israeli villages, causing devastation and loss of life during the raid on October 7.

By Samantha Johnson

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