Meet Chris Pacheco, the mushroom farmer who has found his passion in growing oyster mushrooms and a variety of other aromatic mushrooms. Despite having a background in engineering and spending time in the US Navy, Pacheco was drawn to his farming roots and founded Seacoast Mushrooms in 2015.

Growing up in Rhode Island, Pacheco developed a dislike for farming in New England’s rocky soil. He earned a degree in engineering to get away from farming and spent time aboard the USS Hartford before settling down in the region where he currently lives after his submarine service. For fifteen years, he worked in the corporate world before being drawn back to his roots by the challenge of growing mushrooms.

Today, Pacheco and his team work together to grow a variety of mushrooms on their 12,000-square-foot mushroom farm located on Taugwonk Road. The farm is housed in a large blue warehouse with shipping containers in the back. At Seacoast Mushrooms, they offer fresh and delicious products to their local area, connecting with their community through food.

By Samantha Johnson

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