Juan Romero, 58, was arrested on Thursday in Hialeah for his involvement in a major cockfighting operation. According to the arrest report, Romero was charged with owning, breeding, training and possessing fighting animals.

Investigators had initially been conducting a fraud investigation in the 4600 block of E Street when they stumbled upon a large number of cages containing male chickens with their leg feathers pulled. This discovery led them to suspect cockfighting and prompted them to continue their search.

As they delved deeper into the case, investigators discovered multiple chickens in cages and red foam that mimicked the shape of a chicken used to train chickens to fight. Eventually, they made contact with Romero who admitted to owning the chickens. He allowed them access to his business where they found a cockfighting ring and more chickens.

In total, around 160 fighting cocks were discovered on the property. The police determined that Romero had bred and trained these roosters for fighting and kept them at his place of business.

Romero was taken into custody and punished but it was not clear if he had legal representation. Aerial footage from the scene on Friday showed some of the chickens still in cages behind the business.

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