Jill and Paul Scarpari have been creating handmade baskets for over 25 years. Their love for the craft began in the early 90s when they decided to turn their hobby into a business. Jill took her first basket making class in 1991 and was immediately hooked. Meanwhile, Paul was inspired by his wife’s creations and tried to make a basket himself in 1995. Despite his initial failure, he persisted until he mastered the art.

Their family members grew tired of receiving baskets as gifts, so they started selling their creations. Over the years, they have created baskets ranging from simple designs that can’t hold their shape to complex ones that stand on their own. Jill finds joy in experimenting with different types of materials such as pine needles and wicker, while Paul enjoys coming up with unique designs that challenge him.

Although their baskets can be found in local shops and galleries, creating them is more than just a job for Jill and Paul. They enjoy the process of making something beautiful and fulfilling with their hands. Their baskets range in price from $20 to $300 and are available for purchase at Frae in Shiloh Commons and Three Rivers Gallery in Big Timber.

Jill and Paul Scarpari found a way to turn their passion for basket making into a fulfilling retirement activity that also benefits their community. They take pride in knowing that their creations bring joy to others while keeping them busy during retirement.

By Samantha Johnson

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