With the pandemic still impacting many Americans, financial stress is on the rise for those who had no savings to fall back on. Inflation, rising interest rates, and the end of pandemic relief have all contributed to historic credit card debt. Experts estimate that Americans accumulated more than $1.05 trillion on their credit cards in the third quarter of 2023, with an average interest rate of about 21.5 percent, the highest since the Federal Reserve began monitoring credit card rates in 1994. Additionally, a recent report from Moody’s found that current credit card delinquencies far exceed 2019 levels.

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In conclusion, financial stress is becoming increasingly common for Americans who had no savings before the pandemic. However, there are innovative solutions available such as those explored in “Ignite Financial Creativity.” Whether affiliate marketing is right for you depends on your goals and interests but there are many different ways to make money online today.

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