As a child growing up in Los Angeles during the frieze metal scene of the 80s, Mike Amiri was deeply influenced by the music, culture, and fashion that came out of clubs like Rocky. The son of Iranian immigrants, he was fascinated by these aesthetic and cultural elements. In 2013, Mike took $30,000 of his own money and launched his luxury brand. He fused the aesthetic that captivated him with obsessive craftsmanship and sumptuous fabrics to create a unique style.

Nine years later, Mike’s brand has expanded worldwide. He now has stores in various locations and regularly appears at Paris Fashion Week. In 2023, it is projected to earn more than $350 million. Mike’s brand has become a fresh representation of modern fashion, reflecting an innovative vision for the 21st century. His brand has captured the attention of people around the world with its unique blend of luxury and modernity.

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