After the Lions lost to the 49ers, many were shocked by head coach Dan Campbell’s message that it might be their only chance to make a Super Bowl appearance. One person who was taken aback by this revelation was Aidan Hutchinson. Speaking to PFT Live, Hutchinson shared his thoughts on Campbell’s initial message and how it quickly changed.

According to Hutchinson, Campbell’s initial statement was likely a result of the emotional letdown he felt after the game. He understands that when you come so close to achieving a goal and then fall short, it can be disheartening. However, Campbell’s speech the next day fired up the team, and Hutchinson believes they are still on the road to success.

Despite their talent, next year will be more challenging for the team. They will no longer be outsiders but targets that everyone is trying to beat. Hutchinson is ready for this challenge and feels confident that they are prepared to meet it. He and the team are excited to see how everything plays out as they continue their journey towards making a Super Bowl appearance.

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