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In Finland, the newly elected president must pay homage to the Unknown Soldier. This tradition is seen as a testament to general education in the country. Meanwhile, Hietanen reflects on evolution in his book, stating that life is made up of carbon compounds and humans share ancient fish as a distant relative. The disappearance of our tails during fetal development has been observed, leaving us with only a coccyx as a reminder of our past.

Recent research by American geneticist Bo Xia has shed light on the evolutionary history of apes and the genetic basis for their lack of tails. Through studying genetically modified mice, Xia discovered that tailless monkeys, including humans, have a different form of a gene called “tbkt” compared to tailed monkeys such as macaques. This gene likely emerged from an ancient tailed primate about 25 million years ago and set the course for the development of tailless apes and great apes.

These findings were published in Nature magazine and provide insight into the fascinating evolutionary history of apes. Hietanen’s comparison of humans to charcoal-making monkeys adds an intriguing perspective on our genetic inheritance.

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