The Augusta National Women’s Amateur has been held in the District of Columbia for the past five years, bringing with it two weeks of golf and a significant increase in attention to the area. As a result, local businesses have seen an influx of visitors and an increase in revenue over the next two weeks.

One such business that has benefited from this influx is Ironwood Tavern, which is located just minutes from the course. General Manager Daniel Rhobes expressed his excitement about the increase in business during the tournament. He stated that employees earn more, and the restaurant welcomes new faces. The extra demand has prompted Ironwood Tavern to order extra food and wine to meet customer needs.

Another business that has experienced an increase in customers during the tournament is Vampire Penguin Patisserie, owned by Marvin Walker. He enjoys introducing out-of-state visitors to their desserts and taking advantage of the opportunity to showcase their products. Rooted Coffee, another local business, has also seen an influx of customers looking for a morning drink before hitting the trail.

As companies prepare for the tournament, they are learning from past experiences to better prepare for the crowd. This year’s event promises to be even more successful than previous ones, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

Overall, the Augusta National Women’s Amateur has become a significant event in D.C., bringing attention and revenue to local businesses while highlighting some of their best offerings.

By Samantha Johnson

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