GENESEE COUNTY, MI — The most current county audit report shows an old, extended-standing challenge — the swiftly increasing expense of retiree wellness advantages and really small in the bank to spend the bills.

An audit by Plante & Moran shows the county’s total liability for retiree wellness advantages was a lot more than $405 million as of Sept. 30 with just $9.four million in the bank for payments anticipated to be a considerable public outlay more than the subsequent 30 years -plus.

The new numbers are the most current proof of extended-term economic strain in the district, which in current years has spent about one particular out of just about every 3 dollars in its spending budget on extra advantages for existing and retired personnel.

Plante & Moran presented its audit to the county board of commissioners on Wednesday, March 15. Commissioners have been anticipated to meet at a workshop on Saturday, March 18, to go over the county’s finances in a lot more detail.

Right here are six highlights from the report:

  • Overall health care for retirees is projected to expense a lot more than $16 million in the existing fiscal year, but the expense is predicted to get worse prior to it gets much better. Annual advantage payments are anticipated to attain $20 million in fiscal year 2028, attain $25 million by fiscal year 2038, and continue above $25 million annually for the subsequent six years. Annual payments are not anticipated to reduce till 2044, and spending is not projected to return to existing levels till 2052.
  • The county pension method, which no longer enrolls new personnel, is in a much better economic position than the pensioner wellness method. By the finish of 2021, the district had pension savings of a lot more than $254 million and liabilities of a lot more than $363 million, creating the plan almost 70% funded. The funding price of the pension plan elevated from 61 % in 2018 to 69.eight % on December 31, 2021.
  • The district’s total fund balance — also identified as its rainy day fund — elevated from $39.five million to $42.1 million in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2022. At the finish of the existing fiscal year, the unallocated fund balance for the basic fund was $15.three million or 15.eight% of total basic fund expenditures.
  • At the finish of the existing fiscal year, the county’s government funds reported a combined ending fund of $97.five million, an enhance of $eight.9 million compared to the earlier year. A considerable portion of the enhance can be traced to increases in house tax and service charge revenues.
  • The district utilized $three million in America’s Rescue Program funds in its most current spending budget, assisting it add $two.six million to its fund balance in the final fiscal year. Spending elevated from $106 million to $131 million, an enhance of about 24%, mostly due to elevated grant and transfer funding for capital projects.
  • Due to increasing expenses, $25 million of the district’s fund balance is anticipated to be tapped in the coming years, according to the report. Amongst the suggestions in the document are that the county make extended-term forecasts for all funds, formal money flow projections and adopt a fund balance policy.

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