The gig economy is a wide and diverse location with side hustles and gig jobs that can match a variety of men and women. This contains delivering meals, finishing handyperson jobs, and even pet sitting. Individuals report earning anyplace from $eight to $50 performing these tasks.

You might even earn up to $400 per month renting your added space with or more than $ten,000 per year renting out your car or truck on Turo. Let’s discover the very best gig jobs you can begin this year.

Important Takeaways

  • If you have a car, you can take into consideration delivering meals on Uber Eats or buying for Instacart to earn an typical of $eight to $23 an hour.

  • Handy men and women can supply their solutions on platforms such as Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor to make an typical of $14 to $50 an hour.

  • You can also take on dog walking or pet sitting on Rover to earn $11 to $20 an hour on typical although spending time with your favourite animals.

  • You might be in a position to earn added funds from points you personal by renting out your space on or your car or truck on Turo.

  • You can invest in actual estate or the stock marketplace by means of Fundrise or Public to develop a portfolio for your future. On the other hand, recall that all investments come with dangers and might not yield returns.

The ten very best gig economy jobs and side hustles

  • Provide meals on Uber Eats

  • Rent out added space on

  • Pet sit on Rover

  • Give handyperson solutions on HomeAdvisor

  • Come to be a shopper on Instacart

  • Invest in rental actual estate on Fundrise

  • Teach English on the web on VIPKid

  • Rent out your car or truck on Turo

  • Give freelance solutions on Thumbtack

  • Create an investment portfolio on Public

  • Comparison of the very best gig economy jobs

    Gig economy job or side hustleWho it is forInstance spendFind out much moreStop by Uber Eats Stop by Stop by Rover Stop by HomeAdvisor Stop by Instacart Stop by Fundrise Stop by VIPKid Stop by Turo Stop by Thumbtack Stop by Public

    Provide meals on Uber Eats


    • Provides versatile hours

    • Permits you to earn ideas

    • Has an effortless-to-use app

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    • Demands a car or truck, scooter, or bicycle

    • Supplies earnings that might differ drastically

    • Comes with gas, insurance coverage, and put on and tear charges

    Delivering meals by employing a meals delivery service such as Uber Eats is a well-liked way to earn money for men and women who personal a car or truck, motorbike, or bicycle. You can set your personal schedule, generating it effortless to provide meals element-time or complete-time.

    The quantity of funds you make per delivery is primarily based on a quantity of components, which includes delivery distance, level of demand, consumer ideas, and much more. As a gig worker, your earnings from Uber Eats can differ based on demand and competitors with other delivery drivers on the app. You also have to cover your personal charges for fuel, insurance coverage, and put on and tear on your car.

    Option apps to Uber Eats

    • DoorDash is a mobile app related to Uber Eats exactly where you can get paid to provide restaurant meals to people’s properties.

    • Postmates is one more meals delivery platform exactly where you can offer on-demand delivery and get paid straight away or on a weekly basis.

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    Uber Eats

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    Rent out added space on


    • Supplies passive earnings devoid of requiring significantly operate

    • Has a uncomplicated and handy on the web platform

    • Provides you automatic payments when your space continues to be rented

    If you have added space, you can earn passive earnings by renting it out on Believe of it as the Airbnb of storage and garage spaces. This platform provides a uncomplicated and handy approach for listing and managing your rental space, with attributes such as automatic payments and insurance coverage coverage.

    On top of that, tends to make it effortless for prospective renters to connect with you, enabling you to locate a person to rent your added space devoid of possessing to go via the hassle of obtaining a renter your self.

    The principal downside of is the prospective for harm to the space you rent out, which might outcome in expensive repairs.

    When does offer insurance coverage coverage, it is significant that you completely vet prospective renters and set clear expectations and recommendations for the usage of your space. That is why might not be the ideal side hustle for you if you are concerned about harm or privacy.

    An option platform to

    Stop by Neighbor

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    Pet sit on Rover


    • Permits you to locate operate although sustaining flexibility

    • Welcomes numerous pet-associated solutions

    • Can be specially enjoyable if you like animals

    If you are a pet lover, you can supply a variety of solutions on Rover, like dog walking, pet verify-ins, overnight pet sitting at the owner’s dwelling, and animal boarding at your dwelling. You can set your personal prices and schedule, providing you flexibility and manage more than this variety of freelance operate.

    The principal challenge on Rover is that competitors from other dog walkers and pet sitters on the platform can make it difficult to attract customers. To stand out, consist of pictures of you with prior pets you cared for and testimonials from happy customers. Retain in thoughts that Rover charges a 20% to 25% service charge for every booking created via the platform, which can lower your all round earnings.

    Option platforms to Rover

    • Wag is one more well-liked dog-walking app. Pet owners can post what time they want their dog walked, for how lengthy, and what the spend price is, and you can sign up to do that stroll in the app.

    • Fetch is a dog-walking and pet-sitting corporation with franchises in lots of cities. You can apply to turn into a worker and love a versatile schedule, competitive earnings, and no cost instruction.

    Stop by Rover

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    Give handyman solutions on HomeAdvisor


    • Get leads for your enterprise

    • Access a massive consumer base

    • Create your reputation by acquiring critiques on your enterprise profile

    HomeAdvisor can be a useful tool for obtaining new customers if you are a skilled worker such as a plumber, builder, electrician, landscaper, or home cleaner. Its principal advantage is acquiring you in front of its massive consumer base needing handypeople.

    On the other hand, there is an annual charge to list your enterprise profile on the HomeAdvisor directory. HomeAdvisor also charges a charge for each and every prospective consumer who chooses to connect with you, no matter whether or not they sooner or later employ you.

    Option platforms to HomeAdvisor

    • Thumbtack is a marketplace that lets you list dwelling improvement solutions as nicely as other freelance solutions, such as photography, pet sitting, massage therapy, and much more.

    • TaskRabbit is a platform that enables you to turn into a tasker who completes tasks and jobs as a side gig. This can be projects such as assembling furnishings, cleaning properties, and much more.

    Stop by HomeAdvisor

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    Home Advisor

    House Advisor

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    Come to be a shopper on Instacart


    • Enables you to set your personal schedule

    • Utilizes a uncomplicated and intuitive app

    • Provides you one hundred% of customers’ ideas

    • Adds gas, insurance coverage, and put on and tear charges

    • Can be physically demanding

    Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery app. As an Instacart shopper, you will have the freedom to pick out your personal schedule.

    The Instacart app tends to make it effortless to locate and accept buying and delivery gigs. And although your hourly prices rely on numerous components, which includes the delivery distances and the quantity of deliveries you total, you get to hold one hundred% of the ideas you obtain.

    Retain in thoughts that you have to have a car. You are accountable for your personal gas and insurance coverage charges, which can lower the quantity of added money you make. This job can be physically demanding, as shoppers might have to devote some time buying in retailers and carrying heavy grocery bags up flights of stairs.

    Option apps to Instacart

    • Shipt is a related app-primarily based grocery delivery corporation exactly where you can get paid to shop and provide people’s groceries.

    • Gopuff operates with delivery drivers to obtain grocery orders from its warehouses and provide them to people’s properties. You do not have to have to take a look at a number of grocery retailers as a shopper with this corporation.

    Stop by Instacart

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    Get Paid to Go Buying Find out A lot more

    Invest in rental actual estate on Fundrise


    • Permits you to get into the actual estate marketplace

    • Has a low entry barrier of $ten, generating it much more accessible than shopping for rental properties

    • Manages the properties on your behalf

    • Comes with a level of threat like all investments

    • Advisory, management, and further costs can lower your earnings

    Fundrise can give you access to the rental actual estate marketplace devoid of requiring you to be an accredited investor, which is a variety of investor with a higher level of earnings, net worth, or specific licenses. The platform tends to make investing in actual estate significantly a lot easier than buying a rental house and becoming a landlord.

    You can get began with Fundrise by investing as tiny as $ten for fractional ownership of a dwelling or a house. The platform requires care of house repairs and management.

    On the other hand, like all investments, there are inherent dangers connected with investing in actual estate via Fundrise. A single prospective threat is the volatility of the actual estate marketplace, which can lead to fluctuations in the worth of your investment.

    On top of that, Fundrise charges a .15% annual advisory charge. It also charges .85% in annual management costs and might take added costs, based on your investment.

    Option platforms to Fundrise

    • CrowdStreet is a related industrial actual estate investing platform that makes it possible for you to invest in actual estate devoid of shopping for an complete house. There are no costs to sign up for the platform, but you should be an accredited investor, and the minimum investment is $25,000.

    • DiversyFund is a actual estate crowdfunding platform that offers you access to actual estate investment trusts (REITs) devoid of becoming an accredited investor. These trusts normally consist of one particular or much more properties in industrial or rental actual estate markets.

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    Teach English on the web on VIPKid


    • Enables you to operate from dwelling in a element-time or complete-time capacity

    • Provides a likelihood to operate with students from all more than the planet

    • Supplies supplies that can assist you develop your lessons

    If you like operating with children and have a superior grasp of American English, supplying lessons on VIPKid could be one particular of the very best sorts of gig jobs for you. VIPKid provides competitive spend prices of $14 to $18 per hour plus incentives. You can also pick out your personal schedule and operate with students from all more than the planet.

    On prime of that, VIPKid provides instruction and coaching for teachers to increase their teaching abilities, along with supplies to assist them prepare and develop their lessons.

    On the other hand, the communication barrier when teaching students who do not speak English could be difficult. And although operating with kids can be enjoyable, it has its personal challenges.

    Option platforms to VIPKid

    • Magic Ears is an English finding out platform for children that hires English teachers for one particular-on-one particular and group lessons.

    • Cambly pays English speakers for video chat sessions with men and women of all ages from about the planet.

    Stop by VIPKid

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    Rent out your car or truck on Turo


    • Can give you access to brief-term and lengthy-term renters

    • Supplies you with price tag guidance to assist you establish how significantly to charge

    • Supplies insurance coverage for each owners and renters

    • Comes with the threat of harm to your car

    • Might not operate with your current car or truck insurance coverage to cover industrial use

    • Increases the put on and tear of your car or truck

    Turo is a car or truck rental platform that provides a handy way for you to rent out your car or truck. It enables you to determine your personal pricing although giving guidance on nearby prices. The platform also provides auto coverage to each owners and renters.

    On the other hand, renting out your car or truck comes with the prospective for harm, which can price you time and funds to repair. On top of that, your current car or truck insurance coverage might not cover charges associated to this industrial use of your car. The protection plans Turo provides to reimburse you if an accident happens price ten% to 40% of your earnings, decreasing your payouts.

    An option platform to Turo

    • HyreCar is a peer-to-peer car or truck-sharing platform that makes it possible for you to rent out your car or truck to men and women who want to turn into rideshare or delivery drivers for firms like Grubhub, DoorDash, and much more.

    Stop by Turo

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    Give freelance solutions on Thumbtack


    • Aids you get leads for your smaller enterprise or side gig

    • Provides you access to a wide variety of necessary abilities

    • Manages payments via the platform for much more safety

    Thumbtack is a gig economy app and platform that connects buyers with specialists who can offer a variety of solutions. The variety of operate you can supply contains dwelling improvement, photography, massage, pet care, and much more. The platform assists skilled freelance workers locate buyers and get paid straight via the platform.

    On the other hand, it can be difficult to compete with other specialists who might supply reduced prices in your region. On top of that, Thumbtack charges you a charge for every lead when it connects you with prospective buyers.

    Option platforms to Thumbtack

    • HomeAdvisor is a platform that connects buyers with handypeople and freelance workers that have dwelling improvement abilities.

    • TaskRabbit is an on the web and mobile marketplace that has a range of on-demand solutions, such as operating errands, cleaning, and painting.

    Stop by Thumbtack

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    Create an investment portfolio on Public


    • Provides a wide variety of investment possibilities, such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, and art

    • Charges $ stock trading commission costs

    • Has an effortless-to-use app

    • Comes with loss prospective, like all investments

    • Accessing sophisticated information and tools charges $eight per month

    Public is an investment platform that provides stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, and option assets like fine art and collectibles. Its range of investment possibilities tends to make it a superior match for men and women searching to invest in much more than one particular variety of asset. The platform has much more than 9,000 stocks and charges $ commission costs on stock trades.

    On the other hand, like all investments, you might shed funds on Public or not see the return you anticipate. Bear in mind that previous overall performance does not assure future returns, so the overall performance of your investments can be unpredictable. On top of that, Public charges $eight a month to give you access to sophisticated information and portfolio management tools.

    Option platforms to Public

    • Wealthfront is an automated investment platform that you can use to develop an investment portfolio with the help of a robo-advisor.

    • Charles Schwab provides a complete investment platform with a low charge structure that you can use to acquire and sell stocks, bonds, ETFs, and much more.

    Stop by Public

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    How to pick out the very best side hustle

    Right here are some components to take into consideration when picking the side hustle that fits you very best:

    • Flexibility: A gig economy job or side hustle ought to match about your standard job schedule and let you to operate on your personal terms.

    • Spend: Appear for jobs that supply competitive spend prices and the prospective for bonuses or ideas.

    • Skillset: Contemplate jobs that align with your abilities and interests to make the most of your skills.

    • Demand: Seek jobs that have higher demand, which can hold you busy and raise your earning prospective.

    • Reputation: Verify the reputation of the corporation or platform you strategy to use to make certain it is trustworthy and trustworthy.

    • Perform atmosphere: Contemplate the operate atmosphere for the gig economy job you are interested in, as some jobs might call for operating in public areas or interacting with buyers.

    FAQs about gig jobs and side hustles

    Can I make a living in the gig economy?

    Yes, the gig economy is a feasible way of generating a living. Just like standard jobs, gig economy jobs generally spend in a manner primarily based on your talent level and the quantity of hours you operate. So if you want to earn much more, you can operate much more hours or develop your higher-paying abilities.

    What are the very best side gigs to make funds?

    The very best gig jobs to make funds consist of delivering meals or groceries on Uber Eats and Instacart, supplying dwelling improvement solutions on HomeAdvisor or Thumbtack, and dog walking and pet sitting on Rover. You can also earn passive earnings from points you currently personal by renting out your car or truck on Turo or your added space on

    What is the downside of the gig economy?

    The principal downside of the gig economy is the lack of job safety and overall health insurance coverage added benefits. On top of that, gig workers might struggle with managing their taxes and other economic responsibilities that come along with self-employment. There can be further unforeseen charges such as expert liability insurance coverage, car put on and tear, and much more.

    Ideal gig economy jobs and side hustles: Bottom line

    If you are questioning how to make funds in your no cost time, gig economy jobs can assist you earn money and have a versatile schedule. But ahead of picking a gig, assess your talent set, study the platform supplying the gig, and have an understanding of your competitors to be thriving in the gig economy.

    Bear in mind that even the very best gig jobs have their fair share of pros and cons. Some gig jobs price funds in the kind of costs or have hidden charges, such as paying for insurance coverage and self-employment taxes.

    Discover our list of the very best side hustles for much more suggestions that might be a superior match for you.


    To pick out the very best gig economy jobs, we regarded numerous side hustles and freelance jobs primarily based on a mixture of on the web study and private encounter. We 1st compiled a list of widespread gig economy jobs along with relevant details such as typical spend and time commitment.

    We then regarded every gig economy job primarily based on its worth to the reader and its prospective for giving added earnings. It is significant to note that this short article is not a complete representation of all gig economy jobs. Rather, it is a curated list that aims to offer a beginning point for readers interested in the gig economy to assist them locate useful and informative sources to help their journey.

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