In a recent interview with Večernji, former Croatian national team player Gordan Giricek denied NBA player Jason Williams’ account of how rookies were treated on the Memphis Grizzlies team. According to Williams, during training, Giricek was forced to put his clothes in a large laundry container after being pranked by his teammates. However, Giricek claimed that the story was fabricated and expressed his disappointment at being portrayed as someone who would allow such treatment.

Giricek admitted that rookies were subjected to pranks and jokes during their time with the team, but emphasized that there is a limit to such behavior. He noted that while it was common for rookies to carry items, bring donuts or perform tasks such as singing during team presentations, there was a clear line when it came to personal items such as deodorant and perfume.

Giricek played for several NBA teams including the Memphis Grizzlies, Orlando Magic, Utah Jazz, Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns. He wished Williams luck and emphasized the need for honesty and accuracy in storytelling.

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