Welcome to GameTimeCT Athlete of the Week, a platform committed to recognizing outstanding student-athletes from across Connecticut throughout the higher college sports seasons. Every single week, our GameTimeCT employees cautiously selects 5 female athletes representing higher college sports and one more 5 representing male athletes as finalists. Nevertheless, the final choice is in your hands, as we turn the voting procedure more than to you, the fans.

Voting will open from Tuesday morning till Thursday evening at 11:59pm, providing you a lot of time to make your selection. To vote, just make your selection primarily based on the guidelines offered and give a valid e mail address. Winners will be announced each and every Friday about noon.

We encourage you to participate in this fascinating encounter and make your voice heard. Please note that on the web applications may well incur common world wide web connection costs. Additionally, we kindly ask that every single e mail address adhere to the limit of a single voting entry per survey. If you will need additional information and facts, please see the complete voting guidelines listed on our web page.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of celebrating excellence in higher college athletics, and remain tuned for the official announcement of our winners, correct right here on this web page.

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