Cocoa crops in Africa have been devastated by heavy rains and drought, leading to far-reaching consequences as far away as Finland. The price of cocoa has skyrocketed, causing chocolate makers to search for alternative raw materials and raise prices in Finland as well. According to Bloomberg, the price of cocoa reached an unprecedented $10,000 a tonne this month, with futures prices up about 60 percent in New York alone and more than doubling for the year.

The primary reasons for the price increase can be traced back to Ghana and Ivory Coast, the world’s largest producers of cocoa beans. Weather conditions in both countries led to the destruction of the cocoa crop, with heavy rains and plant diseases affecting the trees. The El NiƱo weather phenomenon in the region has caused fluctuations in rainfall patterns, leaving some areas excessively wet and others extremely dry. Climate change has also played a role in creating greater challenges in growing cocoa.

Chocolate manufacturers worldwide have had to adjust their pricing strategies due to increased market prices. Some raised prices, while others reduced the size of the product or replaced cocoa with other raw materials. Fazer, a Finnish company, also felt the impact of rising cocoa prices, which led to an increase in the prices of their products. In response, Fazer is researching alternative raw materials to replace cocoa and reduce costs while maintaining product quality.

Fazer has not yet made any significant changes to its products but is experimenting with cereal-based chocolate bars as a potential alternative to cocoa. Executive Director Lara Saulo emphasizes that long-term development work is necessary to prepare for future scenarios and mitigate the impact of rising cocoa prices on consumers. In the short term, however, companies are awaiting indications of the fall cocoa harvest to determine future supply and price trends.

If the situation does not improve, consumers may experience further price increases as the price of cocoa continues to rise despite

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