The current state of trading in various markets is as follows: European stock markets are experiencing a slight decline, with the DAX index down 0.1%, the FTSE down by a similar rate and the French CAC down 0.2% of its value. In Asia, the Nikkei index rose about 0.3% to set a new record. Wall Street’s major indexes showed a positive trend last night, with the Nasdaq up 0.2%, the Dow Jones adding 0.1% and the S&P 500 also closing at a similar rate.

Germany’s consumer price index fell to a 2.9% annual rate in January as expected, but rose 0.2% month-on-month. In addition, oil prices fell slightly after last night’s 3% jump, with the price of a barrel of Brent at $81.4. It is important to note that any inappropriate discourse, including expressions of violence, racism or incitement, is automatically filtered and will not be published on the site according to our code of ethics and commitment to diverse and respectful discourse managed by our trust report team.

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