Wisconsin lawmaker Rep. Mike Gallagher, a 39-year-old rising star of the GOP, has announced that he will not seek re-election after rejecting his party’s effort to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Gallagher had been a major force in the effort to oppose the Chinese government and chaired the Chinese Communist Party Committee.

In his statement, Gallagher highlighted his bipartisan work on various committees, chairing the Cyberspace Tanning Commission and chairing the Chinese Communist Party Select Committee. He explained that his original promise to treat his time in office as a high-intensity engagement has been fulfilled. However, Gallagher’s decision to vote against Mallorca’s impeachment was not mentioned in the statement.

Gallagher’s vote was significant as he was one of only four House Republicans to break ranks and reject impeachment. This reinforced the delicate nature of the narrow GOP majority in Congress. The Republican Party is facing further challenges with Gallagher’s absence from the House as he had been considered a rising star of the party.

Gallagher’s announcement came after his decision last June not to challenge incumbent Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin, which greatly affected the GOP’s prospects in Wisconsin. With Steve Scalise of Louisiana set to become House Majority Leader, Gallagher’s absence is a significant loss for the Republican Party in Congress.

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