A woman wearing a long coat entered the Lakewood Church in Houston and opened fire at the entrance before being shot dead by two off-duty officers on security duty. The police reported that the woman entered the temple with a long gun and a backpack just before 2 p.m., accompanied by a child about four or five years old. During the shooting, the woman made statements about having a bomb, but there is no information yet if it was real or not. The bomb squad was called in to take over the site, despite the woman being knocked down.

The Lakewood Church is famous for belonging to Joel Osteen, a well-known pastor from Texas. This tragic incident has raised concerns about security measures at places of worship. However, the police state that this is an “isolated incident” and there are no broader security problems at this time. The investigation is still in its early stages, and authorities will work to bring those responsible to justice as soon as possible.

Governor Greg Abbott has expressed his condolences to those affected by this tragic shooting and offered Texas’ full support to bring justice to those involved. He emphasized the sanctity of places of worship and called for prayers for the Lakewood church community during this difficult time.

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