In the initial half of Monday night’s game involving the Saints and Panthers, fans who delight in offensive football have been left wanting. The game was marked by six shots, two turnovers and 3 field targets. The Saints lead six-three, thanks to two field targets by Blake Grupp. Nevertheless, Carolina had a opportunity to at least equalize ahead of halftime. Regrettably, quarterback Bryce Young lost the ball throughout a hit by Carl Granderson in the red zone. The Saints recovered, but their subsequent drive was hampered by two sacks by the Panthers defense.

Speaking of the Panthers defense, they have been impressive in the initial half. They have been capable to sack Young twice and intercept David Carr’s pass thanks to security Vonn Bell. On the other side, Young struggled, finishing just eight of 13 passes for 66 yards.

Injuries have also hit each teams. Panthers linebacker Shaq Thompson was initially believed to have a calf injury, but it was later determined to be an ankle injury. He will not return to the game. Meanwhile, Saints guard Jamal Williams left the field with a hamstring injury, leaving Tony Jones Jr. as the only fullback accessible. Nevertheless, Jones just joined the group from the practice squad, so his effect may possibly be restricted.

As the second half starts, the group that can modify their luck offensively will have a fantastic opportunity of securing the win.

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