In Ghent, a court sentenced Flemish politician Dries Van Langenhove to one year in prison and a fine of 16,000 euros for violating the law on racism and denial. The court also handed him a suspended sentence for violating the Arms Act and revoked his political rights for 10 years. This significant sentence is a reminder that crimes committed in private Facebook or Discord groups can have serious consequences.

Van Langenhove, known as “the agitator,” is well-known for his far-right sympathies and links to Vlaams Belang, the poll-leading far-right party. He founded Schild & Vrienden, a group that promoted far-right ideologies and had ties to businesses selling items such as knives and pepper spray. The court found that he attracted others with his racist speech and created a hostile atmosphere in society.

Six other members of the group, including party workers and a member of the European Chamber, were also convicted. Vlaams Belang defended its militants and criticized the verdict, calling Belgian justice “rotten.” The case began with a television report in 2018 that exposed racist and denialist comments exchanged within the group. The court based its decision on laws related to denial of the Nazi genocide and discrimination inspired by racism and xenophobia.

The judges concluded that the group was guilty of inciting hatred and applying discriminatory policies. Members of the group targeted individuals based on their race and religion, leading to harassment and abuse. This case highlights how humor and private forums can be used to spread hatred and discrimination, making it crucial to remain vigilant against extremist ideologies.

In conclusion, this significant sentence serves as a reminder that even crimes committed in private groups can have severe consequences. It’s essential to stay aware of extremist ideologies hidden behind jokes or memes, as they pose an ongoing threat to our society’s well-being.

By Samantha Johnson

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