UB40 drummer and Birmingham City fan Jimmy Brown is taking on journalist Chris Sutton in a Premier League prediction match. This time, Sutton is confident that Liverpool will dominate Sheffield United in their upcoming match, predicting a 5-0 victory.

Sutton bases his prediction on Liverpool’s consistency and ability to find ways to win even when faced with adversity. He believes that with Mohamed Salah at the helm, Sheffield United will not be able to pose much of a threat to the team at the top of the table.

On the other hand, Brown, himself a Liverpool fan, echoes Sutton’s confidence in the team’s ability to secure a convincing win. He predicts a 2-0 win for Liverpool, highlighting their strong performance throughout the season.

Both Sutton and Brown agree that Liverpool cannot afford to underestimate Sheffield United, especially with the title race heating up. Goal difference could play a key role in determining the eventual winner, and a big win for Liverpool against Sheffield United could tip the scales in their favour.

Overall, Sutton and Brown are optimistic about Liverpool’s chances in the upcoming match and believe the team will continue their winning streak. Their predictions reflect a sentiment shared by many fans and pundits alike.

By Samantha Johnson

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