In the morning trading on Tuesday, shares of several health insurance companies, including Humana, CVS Health, UnitedHealth and Elevance Health, suffered a decline after federal regulators failed to increase payments to Medicare plans above industry expectations. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that government payments to the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D programs would rise an average of 3.7%, or $16 billion, from the previous year in 2025. Despite this rate increase being the same as the rate proposal made in January, in the past 10 years, the final rates have not been increased just once from their original proposal.

The news sent shares of Humana plummeting by 12%, while shares of UnitedHealth fell by 6%. Shares of CVS Health dropped by 8%, shares of Centene Corp. were down by 5% and Elevance Health was down by 4%. During an investor call in March, Humana CFO Susan Diamond expressed disappointment with the rate increase and said it could be challenging for the company to reach its goal of increasing earnings by $6 to $10 without a major increase in payments.

Meanwhile, other pharmaceutical companies are facing challenges such as a shortage of weight-loss drugs affecting Eli Lilly’s ZepboundOzempic and a backlash against the drug’s low manufacturing costs. The lack of significant payment increases has put pressure on health insurance companies to find ways to increase revenue streams beyond premiums. Some companies are exploring new services such as telemedicine or value-based care models that can generate additional revenue while improving patient outcomes. However, these initiatives require significant investment and may take time to yield results.

Overall, the latest rate announcement has put pressure on health insurance companies operating in this highly competitive industry. While some may see this as a challenge, others view it as an opportunity to innovate and find new ways to provide value to patients while generating revenue growth.

By Samantha Johnson

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