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The majority of parents surveyed in a recent CS Mott Children’s Hospital national survey believe that child health and safety equipment is used for such a short time and that it is too expensive to buy everything new, resulting in the use of used equipment.

Babies and children need a variety of health and safety equipment. Some equipment is bought new, some families borrow equipment or use devices that have been handed down. According to the survey, some families find equipment in stores or in the yard.

Most parents surveyed agree that buying new equipment seems wasteful (78%) and too expensive (82%). About half (51%) of parents surveyed have no problem using second-hand devices from family members or close friends, and 45% say they are fine with equipment purchased at stores or yard sales. Four percent say they are not comfortable using any used equipment.

According to the survey, more than half (53%) of parents say they used used equipment. Beds (28%), high chairs (24%), outdoor play structures (18%), strollers (17%), playgrounds (15%) and bathing sets (13%) are some of the equipment most frequently used. uses. Seven percent of parents say they reuse car seats, while 8% have reused booster seats, although reporting reuse of these items is less likely. Household income was a factor in the likelihood of using used equipment for children, as 58% of parents with household incomes under $100,000 said they reused equipment compared to 48% of parents earning over $100,000.

Although 53% of parents say they have used used equipment, 74% say they would rather buy new equipment to ensure safety for their child. Sixty-three find it difficult to tell if second-hand equipment is safe for their child. Most parents (90%) are “very likely” to inspect equipment that has been previously used for signs of damage, and 88% will disinfect it. Fewer parents (55%) said they would search the Internet for setup and use instructions, as well as product recall information on reused equipment (49%).

Giving away or selling child health and safety equipment was common among parents, with 74% saying they had donated or sold items to a family member. Fifty-two percent were donated or sold to a charity, 35% to a garage sale, and 33% to a children’s resale shop.

Regardless of where parents get used child health and safety equipment, steps should be taken to ensure safety. An important step is correct installation and assembly, because the equipment can collapse or break, which can cause injuries to the child. If the equipment does not have the original packaging or instructions, parents can search the manufacturer’s website for instructions.

According to the report, it’s especially important for parents to get product information related to used car seats because safety issues vary by age, height and weight.

Product recall checking is also very important to ensure child safety. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission ( is a website where parents can search for recall information. Furthermore, is a “comprehensive search engine for all recalled products and a reporting portal for all defective products,” the report states.

Safety standards and regulations are always evolving as research identifies things that could pose a risk to a child. Beds, one of the most common types of used equipment, should not have a side rail. Furthermore, crib rails should be less than 6 centimeters apart, and headboards should not have decorative cutouts that can trap a child’s body. Parents who use used cribs may not be aware of how safety standards have changed.

The results of this survey showed that most parents have donated or sold their child’s health and safety equipment. Before selling, parents should check that the equipment is in working order. If it is not working properly, parents should put the equipment away to avoid the risk of injury to another child. If possible, parents should include product instructions with used equipment so that new owners have the correct information about installation and use.

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