The Department of Health and Human Services’ Strategic Preparedness and Response Administration and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have jointly released a health plan resource guide for healthcare providers affected by the Change Healthcare cyber attack. The guide includes important health plan contact information to help providers navigate the challenges of a seizure.

In the accompanying letter, the agencies acknowledged that many providers continue to experience significant disruption as a result of cyber attacks. Providers also reported difficulty obtaining information from health plans regarding future payments and other flexibilities. The guide aims to address these challenges and provide essential resources to support affected service providers.

The letter encourages providers to review HHS’s voluntary cybersecurity goals. By implementing these goals, providers can strengthen their cybersecurity measures and better protect their systems and patient data from future cyber threats. This proactive approach to cyber security is crucial in today’s digital environment where cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated.

Overall, the guide and cover letter serve as valuable resources for healthcare providers affected by the Change Healthcare cyber attack. Using the information and support provided, providers can more effectively manage the aftermath of a seizure and ensure continuity of care for their patients.

By Samantha Johnson

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