Hisense Visual Technology (SHSE:600060) recently released its full-year 2023 financial results, showing a significant increase in revenue and net income. The company reported a 17% rise in revenue to CN¥53.6b compared to fiscal 2022, and net income grew by 25% to CN¥2 ,10b profit margin of 3.9%, compared to 3.7% in the previous year. Despite analysts’ revenue estimates, the earnings per share (EPS) fell by 1.6%.

Looking ahead, Hisense Visual Technology is expected to have an average annual revenue growth of 10% over the next three years, surpassing the 9.9% growth forecast for China’s consumer durables industry. However, investors should be cautious about one warning sign regarding the company that they should be aware of.

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In summary, Hisense Visual Technology reported strong financial results for fiscal year 2023 with a significant increase in revenue and net income compared to fiscal year 2022 despite analysts’ revenue estimates falling short of expectations for EPS growth.

Despite this news, caution is advised as there are signs indicating potential risks associated with investing in this stock while also looking forward towards future growth opportunities.

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