As CEO of Honeywell until June 2023, Adamcik emphasizes the critical role of a transparent and coherent digital strategy in overcoming the challenges the company has faced in recent years. The impact of Covid, inflation and geopolitical risk was significant, and developing a robust digital strategy was essential to overcome these obstacles.

The article describes Honeywell’s comprehensive transformation from a diversified industrial conglomerate to an integrated company. Internally, the focus has been on increasing productivity, transparency and agility through centralized data for informed decision-making. Externally, the company aimed to use information from its systems to provide added value to customers, such as emissions monitoring, energy savings and safety improvements.

To achieve these goals, Honeywell first simplified and reorganized its infrastructure. This included streamlining enterprise resource planning systems, websites and applications. The company has also established master data for various aspects of its business. After that, a strategy was devised for the efficient use of this data. CEO Adamcik’s hands-on participation in meetings and operational reviews signaled a personal commitment to transformation and steadfast commitment to the chosen path.

Overall, the article highlights the key role of digital strategy in driving Honeywell’s transformation and success in facing significant challenges.

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