The recent hijacking of a ship owned by an Israeli businessman and transporting cargo from Turkey to India has escalated tensions between Iran and other countries. There were 25 crew members on board, but none of them were Israeli. This incident occurred on a critical maritime trade route in the Red Sea, raising concerns about further escalation.

The Houthis, an Iran-sponsored militia in Yemen, promised a major statement after the action, which has drawn international attention and condemnation. While Iran has denied the allegations, the Prime Minister’s Office has condemned the latest incident as an act of terrorism that poses a threat to global shipping.

The Prime Minister’s Office highlighted the multinational crew on board the hijacked ship and the absence of Israelis, emphasizing the international implications of Iranian aggression. The incident raised concerns about the safety of global shipping lanes and drew strong condemnations from various countries.

There have been previous accusations by Iran of similar actions along the Red Sea trade route, but this latest incident is particularly concerning due to its location on a critical maritime trade route. The international community must work together to address threats to maritime security and global trade, including those posed by Iranian aggression.

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