The rise of public debate on social media has led to a growing concern about the toxic environment that often arises in online interactions. But are platforms and their algorithms responsible for this? A recent study published in the journal Nature sought to answer this question by isolating different behaviors to better understand where online toxicity originates. The researchers analyzed over 500 million threads, messages and conversations in English across eight platforms over 34 years, including Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter and YouTube.

The findings of the study were surprising, as they found that toxicity is not the result of the networks themselves but rather stems from human behavior. Walter Quattrociocchi, professor at Sapienza University of Rome and co-author of the study, suggests that despite changes in networks and social norms over time, certain toxic behaviors persist in online discussions. This implies that toxicity is a natural outcome of online interactions.

Despite this, the study also found that toxicity does not necessarily deter participation on the platforms. User behavior in toxic and non-toxic conversations showed almost identical patterns in terms of engagement. This suggests that efforts to mitigate toxicity can still be effective in creating a more positive online environment. The findings could help social platforms moderate content to minimize toxic behavior and promote healthier discussions online.

Overall, while human behavior contributes to online toxicity, it does not mean that all online interactions are doomed to be toxic. Efforts to create a more positive online environment can still be effective in promoting healthy discussions on social media platforms.

By Samantha Johnson

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