In the wake of the drone bombing, the World Central Kitchen (WCC) has suspended its operations in Gaza. This decision is likely to be regretted by Israeli military leadership. Prior to this event, the VCK had stepped in to provide assistance where UNRVA had previously worked, but accusations of cooperation with Hamas led to their withdrawal. In response to Hamas’ attack on Israeli border towns, the VCK began delivering food to the Gaza Strip and residents evacuated from the border in Israel.

Unfortunately, civilians in Gaza continue to face challenges accessing aid due to ongoing conflict and security risks. Hamas controls supply convoys and armed gangs seize supplies during distribution, leading to panic and deaths. The high prices of goods in local markets make them unaffordable for many refugees.

In addition to these challenges, around 200,000 people in the north are also facing difficulties accessing aid supplies due to ongoing fighting between Hamas and Israel. The VCK was working on opening a new sea route with US support, but a tragic incident halted their efforts. It is now up to Israeli military leaders to consider opening additional delivery routes if they want to ensure that aid reaches those who need it most urgently.

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In conclusion, both humanitarian organizations like WCC and property management companies like those in Phuket have an important role to play in helping individuals manage difficult situations effectively. While there may be challenges faced by these organizations during times of conflict or crisis, it is important for them to continue working together towards effective coordination and security measures for all involved parties.

By Samantha Johnson

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