On Monday, the 12-member jury in the trial of Hunter Biden, son of the US president, decided to put off considering his guilt or innocence. Biden, who is 54, faces charges of violating gun laws and could potentially face up to 25 years in prison. Prosecutor Derek Hines said the evidence against Biden’s son was “more unfavorable” and suggested it clearly showed his history of drug addiction. Despite this, Biden has maintained his not guilty plea.

The indictment against Hunter Biden accuses him of making false statements on forms to purchase firearms in 2018, allegedly to cover up his drug addiction. This is the first time that a child of a sitting US president has been charged with a crime. If convicted, Biden’s son could face a lengthy prison sentence, though it’s unlikely to result in actual jail time. President Biden has said he will not use his presidential pardon if his son is convicted.

The jury in the trial went home Monday afternoon and will resume deliberations Tuesday morning. The decision on whether Hunter Biden is guilty or innocent will be a significant moment in this high-profile case that has generated widespread attention.

By Samantha Johnson

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