The browser game will be released in four languages ​​on the G123 platform

The employees for writer Miku and illustrator Rein Kuwashima’s Isekai de Cheat Talent o Te ni Shita Ore va, Genjitsu Sekai o mo Musosuru light novel series revealed two new visuals for the anime on Friday.

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The employees also revealed that the franchise is obtaining a browser game named Isekai de Cheat Talent o Te ni Shita Ore va, Genjitsu Sekai o mo Musosuru – Level Up va Jinsei o Kaeta: Parallel Universe. The MMORPG will be released worldwide in Japanese, English, Regular Chinese and Korean on the G123 platform. The game will be totally free to play but will have optional in-game purchases.

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The anime will premiere on April six and will air on Tokyo MX, BS11, KBS Kyoto and Sun Television.

Limitless Create bi TMS plans and produces the anime. Millepensee produces the animation. Shin Itagaki (Teekiu franchise, So I am a Spider, So What?) is the major director and also oversees the series scripts. Shingo Tanabe (episode director for So I am a Spider, So What?, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean) is directing the anime. Hiromi Kimura adapts the characters for the animation primarily based on Reino Kuwashima’s original styles, and is also the chief animation director. Akiyuki Tateyama composes the music. Tsukuyomi performs the opening theme of “Gyakuten Geki” (Drama).

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Anime stars:

Yen Press publishes light novels and a manga adaptation in English and describes the story:

A door to one more planet opens prior to a boy who has been brutally abused all his life. This alternate reality offers him access to all sorts of issues, such as cheat abilities and a portal that permits him to travel amongst his old planet and his new planet! Can this class loser turn his life about back dwelling…?

The book franchise has two million copies in circulation worldwide. The twelfth light novel was released in Japan on December 20th. The fourth volume of the manga was delivered on December 26th.

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