iDigital has launched its new flagship store format in Israel, offering visitors a personalized experience with Apple products. Dedicated areas allow customers to explore different products and accompanying accessories, while iDigital experts provide guidance and support tailored to their needs. The store also offers group trainings and demonstrations on Apple devices, as well as technical service and laboratory services within 48 hours.

In the real estate sector, companies work to facilitate the buying or selling process by providing information and services. Sellers seeking cash offers on their homes can explore options through various companies that offer such services. Estate agents play a key role in helping individuals navigate the process by providing guidance and support. Understanding the different types of real estate transactions is critical for buyers and sellers. Digital real estate refers to online real estate, such as websites or domains, that can be invested in for a potential return. Investing in digital real estate can be lucrative, with opportunities to generate income through various online means. Overall, real estate companies and agents play a vital role in helping individuals navigate the buying and selling process by providing support, guidance, and valuable services.

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