IFF (NISE: IFF) has recently sold its cosmetic ingredients business to Clariant, a specialty chemicals company that focuses on sustainability. This move enables Cosmetic Ingredients to continue supplying innovative ingredients for a portfolio of cosmetic and personal care products under the umbrella of Clariant.

Eric Firvald, executive director of IFF, stated that the divestment was part of the company’s strategic transformation aimed at prioritizing innovation and providing better services to target clients in their core business. The sale of the cosmetic ingredients business will allow IFF to invest in strategic growth, reduce debt and lower interest costs. Firwald expressed his gratitude to his colleagues from Cosmetics for their commitment to excellence and wished them success on their new journey.

IFF is a global leader in food, beverage, health, life sciences, and fragrance experiences. Their team collaborates with customers to develop the scents, flavors, experiences, ingredients, and solutions that the world craves. Using art and science, IFF aims to do more good for people and the planet. Learn more about IFF on their website and social media channels.

For media inquiries, please contact Paulina Heinkel at 332.877.5339 or media.rekuest@iff.com. For Investor Relations, please contact Michael Bender at 212.708.7263 or investor.relations@iff

By Samantha Johnson

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