In Dalmatia, the State Inspectorate recently increased its efforts, resulting in the closure of an illegal bungalow complex in Primošten by the end of October. The unregistered catering facility with bungalows was shut down by the Service for Catering, Tourist Services and Residence Tax of the Regional Service in Split. The building was located on a hill surrounded by olive groves and vineyards in Primošten.

On October 4 and 16, 2023, an inspection of the Azalea Vine and Olive Hill catering facility was conducted, which consisted of six mobile homes and one fixed building. The State Inspectorate required legal documentation to conduct the inspection, and as a result, it issued an oral decision to ban the activity on October 18, 2023. A written dispatch of the decision was delivered to the relevant parties on that day.

Additionally, an indictment was brought to the Municipal Misdemeanor Court in Šibenik for confiscation of property benefits obtained through criminal offenses for the years 2022 and 2023. The owner of SPRING HARVEST doo is registered for real estate, with a Swedish citizen as their owner. However, Mayor Stipe Petrina of Primošten expressed ignorance about this case but accepted the findings of the State Inspectorate if they found anything illegal or unlawful. As a result of this closure, Azalea Vine and Olive Hill are no longer able to accept bookings on Booking’s website.

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