Ukraine has received $900 million in financing from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) under the Extended Fund (EFF) program in December 2023. This support is crucial in helping Ukraine address its economic challenges and achieve its policy goals. The IMF team, led by Uma Ramakrishnan, Deputy Director of the European Department of the IMF, is currently in Kyiv to discuss ongoing support with Ukrainian authorities and partners.

The talks will focus on Ukraine’s economic policy goals and the challenges facing its economy. On February 13th, the IMF team will join a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Capacity Building Fund, which aims to strengthen Ukraine’s capacity and receive IMF support for this key task. The discussions will be important in assessing Ukraine’s economic situation and determining necessary support for the country.

Additionally, an IMF mission led by Gavin Gray will begin talks with Ukrainian authorities in Warsaw as part of the third review of the IMF-supported Extended Fund Programme. The amount of financing that Ukraine needs in 2024 has been published by the IMF. These discussions are essential to ensuring that Ukraine receives adequate support to meet its economic challenges and achieve its goals.

Overall, these meetings reflect ongoing cooperation and partnership between Ukraine and the IMF, which plays a vital role in supporting countries like Ukraine as they work to improve their economies and achieve their policy objectives.

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