As major events like the Paris Games approach, women can feel more vulnerable to inappropriate behavior and violence. To address this issue, several security applications are being developed to help women feel safer and facilitate police intervention. The Sorority is one such app, created in 2020 for an exclusively female audience. It allows users to alert their 50 closest people with their GPS location if they feel unsafe, giving them the option to receive assistance from other women in the area or contact the police if necessary.

The Sorority has already proven useful for many women, including Maya and Emma, who have found safety using the app after experiencing threatening situations. With over 90,000 verified users, it now works closely with law enforcement to ensure a quick and effective response to alerts. Another app, Come, also provides safe places for people to seek refuge in an emergency. This initiative has been particularly helpful for women who are afraid to walk alone at night as highlighted by a report by the Higher Council for the Equality of Men and Women in France.

As the Paris Olympics draw nearer, these apps are preparing for a potential increase in inappropriate behavior and violence against women. To address this issue, Come is working closely with the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (COJO) with a focus on training volunteers and raising awareness about such issues. These efforts aim at creating a safer environment for visitors and local residents during the event.

Overall, cooperation between security applications, law enforcement and public institutions is crucial in providing support and protection to women in vulnerable situations. By empowering individuals to seek help and creating networks of safe spaces, these initiatives contribute significantly towards building a safer and more inclusive community for all during major events like the Olympics

By Samantha Johnson

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