SalMar has contracted with ABB to provide digital services at their remotely controlled arctic offshore farm in northern Norway. This partnership will involve ABB using their technology to collect real-time and historical operational data from individual ponds and securely distribute it to SalMar’s cloud database.

The purpose of the Arctic offshore farming project is for SalMar to lead the way in the development of offshore salmon farming. This will open up new areas for growth while also addressing environmental challenges such as sea lice infestations. Farming salmon at sea requires larger fish farms with advanced technology to operate in more demanding environments compared to traditional smaller sites located in protected areas. Therefore, the real-time operational monitoring provided by ABB is a key component that makes these sites viable.

ABB has already supplied SalMar with integrated electrical, automation, instrumentation and telecommunications technology for the offshore farming project. Through this new partnership, they aim to collect and distribute essential operational data to meet demands for extended uptime, reduced carbon footprint, improved efficiency and optimized maintenance.

Per-Erik Holsten, Head of ABB Energi Industries for Northern Europe, emphasized the importance of collecting operational data of the required quality as an initial step on the digital journey. Using this data in operational services will lead to improved efficiency, profitability and sustainability. The technology implemented by ABB will make the ponds smarter and support SalMar’s efforts to gather information from different locations to promote and implement best practices across their fleet.

By Editor